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Price:             $13.000


Max. Building Quantity: 300pieces

Built: UnderConstruction

Main specification:

- Rated Output power                4kW

- Battery (Li-FePo)                     48V 80Ah

- Maximum Speed                     50-80km/h

- Max Efficiency                          90%

- Range/charge (50km/h)         80-100km

- Charging Time                         4-6h

- Max. Torque                           ~200Nm

Our first On-Market motorcycle is SKART Origins. We learned a lot from the previous 3 motorcycle prototype so every knowledge built into this one. It has a speacial tray under the seat where the charging cable located. This tray fully electric open, when you touch the metal parts in the back!


The chargeing modul is built inside so you are able to charge every 110/220V socket. We are hardly working for the possibilty to charge your vehicle not only the main electric grid but also from EV charging station too!

SKART Origins has no display, because we want to serve an application which has more opportunity than a simple speed display. This application will be the key for your motorcycle also, because, you are able to start your vehicle through your fingerprint! (For more check our future posts and share, or contact us!)


If you would like to ask some question, do not hesitate! Contact with us!