Price:             $24.000


Max. Building Quantity: 150pieces

Built: Prototype Phase

Main specification:

- Rated Output power                4kW

- Battery (Li-FePo)                     72V 60Ah

- Maximum Speed                     50-100km/h

- Continuous Input Current       118.9A

- Max Efficiency                          90%

- Range/charge (50km/h)         ~150km

- Charging Time                         3h

- Max. Torque                           ~250Nm

We learned a lot from SKART CrossFitt, so we create CafeBreak. It's inspired by the old school cafe racers. We wanted to give an opportunity to the customers for customizing their order. So we decided to integrate some customizable parts. The main parts are made from wood, and everyone could use they own from 3 type of woods.(We also want to give an opportunity for other material, so the customer could choose CONCRETE also thanks for MONGE Studio !) After that, we offer unique high-quality leather, for the other parts (like the seat) which fit for wood parts.


This motorcycle was created for citizens who want to be different, and green. This is an urban motor which capable of bit longer journey. Just catch up your girlfriend/boyfriend and travel in the high mountain serpentines where you could feel the whole forest in peace!



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