Built: 1piece (owner Balázs Fröhlich)

Main specification:

- Rated Output power               4kW

- Battery (Li-NMC)                     72V 40Ah

- Maximum Speed                     50-100km/h

- Continuous Input Current       118.9A

- Max Efficiency                          90%

- Range/charge (50km/h)         ~100km

- Charging Time                         3h

- Max. Torque                           ~250Nm

This motorcycle includes 3 type of motor. For the first look, you could see that this is pretty sporty and long as a dragster, but at the same time bit chopper because of the front. But for the truth, this is made for a shorter journey around the city where you lives. It's enough comfortable, much powerful and looks like pretty awesome what you should show to everyone in the city!


Our main goal was create something which is a bit different from nowadays. We think that we achieved this mission, and we create CrossFitt. As a prototype, we want to test lots of technology, and manufacturing process for the future use. We found every usable and useless technology, so we can learn from them, and we can create much more new, better motorcycles!

Photo by: Szabolcs Csortos

Photo by: Szabolcs Csortos

Photo by: László Laufer

Photo by: Szabolcs Csortos


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